Buffalo Astrodisc

The Buffalo Astrodisc air hockey table has a unique design that immediately distinguishes it from all other airhockey tables! The Astrodisc is finished with strong protective corners and with a unique playing surface with raised edge frames. The powerful motor makes the puck flow quickly, and smoothly over the unique playing surface. Airhockey is not only very entertaining, but the game is also ideal for training your hand / eye co-ordination and reaction time! 
  •  Stylish Outer-Space Design
  •  Extremely Solid and Durable
  •  Outstanding Performance Features
  •  Manual scorecounter
  •  High Gloss Superfast Playing Surface
  •  Easy to Install
  •  Supplied with Accessories
3 995 kr
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Mer information:
Mått L x B x H180 x 89 x 81cm
Mått spelyta L x B176,5 x 85 cm
Vikt31 kg